Thursday, November 10, 2011


Moralle's Creations, it has been my passion since young to do wedding deco, mostly in Gubahan.  Its about satisfactions, not only for me on what I'm doing, its what people think of it and how they felt when they look at it.  I hv been doing it for relatives, close friends, nieces and nephews and now I want to venture out my creativity to others.  Believe me it's tough to satisfy peoples needs especially when it comes to their big day which is once in a lifetime.  But Insyaallah, with full concentrations and kerja sama dari semua pihak its going to be a wonderful and exciting experience for all. 

Its going to be exciting for me to, caused its not only Gubahan that is involve, its going to be more than that, from Guhahan to car deco, door gift (berkat) for any occasions, and others that is related to your wedding occasions, feel free to call or email me with all your enquiries. 

Personally its your satisfactions that counts...........when you are satisfied it makes me happy with what I have done for you :)

Any enquiries kindly contact me via email :

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tampines St 21, Blk 253 - 27/3/2011

Something diff, a combination of Grey and Blue, requested by the Bridegroom, a bit cerewet but he was fully satisfied with the end results :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Nephew Wedding - Dec 2010

Theme - White Garden

Niece Engagement - 25/12/2010

Entry yg tertangguh :)

My Niece is just like me, she luvs red, n when she got engaged, she wants something yg so garang but sweet, so here it is...

The 3 Tier Fondant for Reception- 20/3/2011

Theme - White and Baby blue

The Hantaran During Solemnization - 18/3/2011

Theme - Silver and White

Wedding of a Friend Brother - 20/3/2011

Bridal Car...